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Williams F1 is one of the greatest constructors in the history of F1. With nine Constructors Championships and seven Drivers Championships, they have rested their case for being in the top tier of Formula One. Granted they have their own struggles to deal with. As far as making unreal things possible in F1 is the concern, they have certainly made people shake their heads in disbelief of their victories over the course of their history. The team was born in 1977 and it was steered by Sir Frank Williams and Sir Patrick Head.

Big Moments Revisited

In the first three years of racing in Formula 1, team Williams gained experience in working with the various engineering tools involved and learned how to win an F1 race. In 1980, the team landed their first double championship in F1. This continued for a very long time. Looking at their best years, you cannot imagine Williams suffering in F1. You only see them preparing for the next big thing.


Having competed in Formula One for almost three years now, the team knew they needed to win the Championship. They had the mentality and the tools at their disposal. All they needed was someone who could put all of that to good use and luckily, they found Alan Jones, an Australian driver who won the Drivers Championship in 1980. The team behind Alan was Williams who won the Constructors Championship the same year. Williams’ racers won a total of six Grands Prix out of which five were won by Alan Jones. The championship was first of the many to come for Williams. Of course, there were some setbacks during their long run of championship wins. The team was perfectly inclined to keep faith in their work and that ultimately resulted kept the good results coming in every year.


Nelson Piquet of Brabham-Ford who won second place in the Championship rankings of 1980 came back to win first place in 1981. Williams driver, Carlos Reutemann lost the battle to Nelson Piquet by only a point. However, Williams did win the Constructors Championship second time in a row. Alan Jones, the 1980 Drivers Championship winner, ended the season at third place. As a result, Williams once again showed the world how competitive they were with both their drivers finishing in the top three positions.


Williams had four drivers compete this year in the Formula One Grands Prix with the most consistent of them all being Keke Rosberg who ultimately secured the Drivers Championship. It was a huge moment for the whole team as well. Unfortunately, they could not win the Constructors Championship in 1982. Glimpses of their slowing down were beginning to show up. Or so most saw.


Following a few years without any trophies, the team got their rhythm back in 1986. Williams had two of the most talented drivers now leading the races named Nigel Mansell and Nelson Piquet. With both of these drivers running circles around all their opponents, Williams was able to bag nine Grands Prix. Consequently, Williams-Honda won the Constructors Championship in 1986. This was their comeback year and for many people, a hint at something even better to come from the F1 Team Williams.


Nigel Mansell, Riccardo Patrese and Nelson Piquet drove for Williams-Honda this time around. Together, they won nine out of a possible sixteen Grand Prix races. It was yet another successful year for the Williams F1 Team. Nigel Mansell and Nelson Piquet dominated the entire year of racing by winning one after another. Nelson Piquet ultimately won the World Championship for drivers. On the other hand, Williams-Honda won the Constructors Championship with a massive lead on McLaren-TAG. The double championship win meant Williams was to stay at the top of their game for another few years to come.


The team kept competing at the highest level in the nineties just as well as they did in the eighties. With the exception of a few years, the team successfully added five more world championships to their trophy cabinet. 1992 was the first year after a while when they started winning more races compared to the previous ones. This year, they won the double with the veteran driver Nigel Mansell driving for Williams-Renault. The next year, in 1993, Alain Prost drove for Williams-Renault and won the double. 1994 was also a great year for Williams. They got the best drivers to drive their cars. Damon Hill, Ayrton Senna, David Coulthard and Nigel Mansell, all of whom were the best drivers of their time, assisted Williams-Renault in winning the Constructors Championship. The same year, Damon Hill could have won the Drivers Championship too but lost to Michael Schumacher by a point’s difference. After two years, Williams would return to claim both the championships with Damon Hill. It almost became like a routine for Williams. 1997 was the final year Williams would win a major F1 Championship – F1 Constructors Championship.

Future Predicted

Nowadays, the Williams’ fans are hoping to see the team repeat history by winning another Championship either in the Drivers or Constructors category. It is not going to be a walk in the park for them and they know it. But where there is Williams, there is hope.

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