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Sebastian Didn’t Need F1 To Tell Him Australian GP Cancelled

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Sebastian Vettel Didn’t Need F1 to Tell Him Australian GP Cancelled

Sebastian Vettel being one of the most honest people to live on the face of this planet, did not hold back about how he really felt about the coronavirus situation. He was adamant over entertaining the possibility to “pull the handbrake” had the race gone ahead. Alongside Lewis Hamilton, the German driver was very clear about his stance toward the pandemic and how the authorities were treating it. They were ignoring all the signs. Soon, the situation worsened and got out of their hands. All the staff and drivers belonging to Formula 1 had to go into isolation.

Vettel being Vettel decided to fly back home early. Allegedly, he did not even wait to find out whether the Australian GP was cancelled or not. He took matters into his own hands and went back home. The popular opinion seems to go against the organizers who took way too long to make an easy decision. Safety comes first. That’s basic stuff you should not have to think too hard about. Anyway, while Seb does not stop winning our hearts with his honesty, let’s take a moment to pray for everyone’s health out there.

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