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Ricciardo Devastated but Perceptive of Australian GP Cancellation

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Ricciardo Devastated but Perceptive of Australian GP Cancellation

Coronavirus has spread a lot of mistrust among people from all parts of the world. Many people are admitting themselves into hospitals because the virus has made its way into their bodies. Others who are still unaffected are staying in complete isolation. This is the current state of the world.

Many business owners are choosing to stay indoors while countries like Italy have put their streets under lockdown. The number of affected countries is rising every day. Formula 1 was keen to kick off the 2020 season as soon as 13th March. However, the F1 organizers decided to cancel the event. For some F1 drivers, this came as a surprise that it took them so long to decide. Ultimately, the event cancelled. McLaren’s team member who tested positive on the paddock, forced the team to diagnose all the other members as well and put them in isolation too.

Ricciardo was not happy though because it was his home. He was really looking forward to driving in front of the people of his country. For obvious reasons though, he said he was fine with the cancellation. He sent “much love” to his fans through his tweet after hearing the Australian GP news.

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