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Renault Displays 2020 F1 Car for the First Time

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Renault Displays 2020 F1 Car for the First Time

Renault Displays 2020 F1 Car for the First Time

Pre-season testing at Circuit de Catalunya turned out to be a convenient route to many constructors at delivering their fans the first look of their cars for the 2020 F1 season. Given the position the Renault team finished last year, it is safe to say they needed an overhaul for the next season particularly one that focused on the performance of the car. Renault displays 2020 F1 car for the first time in Barcelona.

Design and Performance

The design of the car might not look the best out of all the cars taking part in the testing. That is probably because the key concerns of the car have got little to do with the design. They have more to do with the capacity of the car to perform over long stretches of time. This, however, does not mean the car looks like a can of tuna fish being kicked by every other person who passes it by on the sidewalk until it somehow finds its way into a garbage can. No. The car looks good enough. Renault F1 team had a goal for this year. It was to tweak the car’s aerodynamics. After putting in a lot of effort, the team has successfully manufactured RS20. RS20 has a new nose optimized for exceeding its aero limits from last year.

The Renault Team Way

Renault team principal Cyril Abiteboul has been vocal about the improvements made this year. He laid emphasis on the team’s new approach to building the car. This approach focuses on keeping a lot of the things not directly involved with performance similar to last year. As a result, the car parts directly responsible for handling performance have been drastically improved.

Considerations and Reservations for 2021 Regulations

In addition to having a car ready to challenge mid-table performers, the Renault team also wanted to keep the 2021 regulations in check. Investing time too heavily on improving the car’s performance for this year could put the team’s surviving position in jeopardy come next year. Esteban Ocon and Daniel Ricciardo will have a lot on their plates once the F1 season’s first race kicks off in Melbourne. A team can make the car as fit as it possibly can. Although, as soon as a car competes in a Grand Prix, the reality of a car’s performance comes out.

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