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Red Bull Racing

Red Bull Racing

When you hear the words Red Bull Racing, you should not be picking up your tv remote to turn on the TV and start watching speedy cars compete in races. At least that is what you would be led to be believe, unless you have watched the 2010 Formula One World Championship. Let’s take a look at what makes Red Bull more than a company that makes energy drinks.

Introducing Red Bull

Red Bull Racing is a Formula One team that has been competing in the F1 races since 2005. Their base is in the United Kingdom. The team has an Austrian license to race in competitions. The team is best known for its achievements from 2010 to 2013. Winning back to back Championships in these years brought the very definition of an underdog back to the world. Red Bull’s previous involvement in the Formula One had not been as upfront as it became in 2005. Unlike most racers who win championships, Red Bull Racing had a humble beginning. In fact, it was less than humble. The original Formula One racing team that we now know as the Red Bull Racing team was not considered to be worthy of participating in Formula One. When the team operated under its previous owner, Ford Motor Company, it carried the name ‘Jaguar Racing’ in Formula One. Contrary to any normal set of circumstances, Red Bull, a company that had nothing to do with racing, bought Jaguar Racing and its resources. No one had predicted before that a company like Red Bull known for making energy drinks could become such a force to reckon with in a sport where constructors like Ferrari, Mercedes and McLaren Senna – to name a few – who had such mammoth histories in F1 performed in the formula at the highest of levels every year. Against all odds, the team initiated their F1 project. The team needed leadership that had the strength to endure a couple seasons of development. Christian Horner was handed the charge to lead the team who took good care of the development cycle and chemistry needed to one day allow Red Bull Racing to fulfill its truest potential.

Becoming Red Bull

Red Bull Racing became the cornerstone of many of the values we want to see take a more aggressive role in our society but fail to do so because of the ever-demanding nature of the free market. Fortunately for us who are always hoping an underdog emerges to change our minds about the status quo, Red Bull Racing rather optimistically allowed David Coulthard to lead the team as he saw fit. This meant the first season was going to be a test-drive rather than a performance showboat. In reality though, it turned out to be a much-improved season. They stayed at sixth place for most of the season in the race for Constructors Championship. Coulthard had a breakthrough season while building on his form in the past two years.

Red Bull Junior Team

Red Bull had a very good system that allowed potential drivers to show off what they were made of in their programs other than the F1 team. Red Bull Junior Team is one of these programs. There are many drivers who have come up from the Red Bull Junior Team ranks. One such name that comes up is Scott Speed who was famously given the place of Red Bull Racing’s third driver in 2005. Sebastian Vettel is another successful graduate of this program. The program still functions to this day and is owned by Red Bull GmbH.


Winning Red Bull

Red Bull Racing got to experience its best years in Formula One during 2010 and 2013. They were simply phenomenal. It was during these years that all their efforts proved their true worth. They were able to prove all the people who thought they were not capable of even surviving the formula wrong by winning not once, nor twice but four times.

Red Bull’s 2010

In this year, Red Bull Racing won their first Constructors Championship title. The homegrown driver, Sebastian Vettel also won his maiden Drivers Championship title. It was a very successful year since the RBR’s second driver finished third in the championship. The car used Renault RS27-2010 engine to get their much-deserved win. It was a very close race ending up with Vettel beating Fernando Alonso by 4 points.

Red Bull’s 2011

2011 followed most of the things that had already happened in the previous year. Red Bull successfully defended both the Formula 1 titles. Using an upgrade of Renault RS27, Sebastian Vettel won another Drivers title after securing more than hundred points’ lead over the second placed Jenson Button. Mark Webber did just as well as he had done in 2010. With him and Vettel in the top three positions, a second consecutive Constructors title for Red Bull Racing became easier.

Red Bull’s 2012

Sebastian Vettel made it happen again in 2012, only this time the competition became fiercer with rising stars such as Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso securing pole positions and winning at least one Grand Prix in the whole season. It keeps getting harder to keep on winning every year because people are assessing the game from all possible angles and at some point, they figure out that blind spot every sportsperson tries to hide. For Vettel and Red Bull Racing to keep up the good work for a third time in a row might be an underrated story to most viewers.

Red Bull’s 2013

Red Bull Racing became almost invincible at this point in time. No one really seemed like a challenger to them considering the fact they had been winning for three years both the Formula titles. Sebastian Vettel led the Red Bull team to another unprecedented milestone that made them a team to beat in 2013. Mark Webber also returned to the top three where Fernando Alonso finished second to Vettel with a significant difference in points between him and Vettel. Winning the 2013 Drivers Championship made Vettel one of the few drivers to win four Drivers titles.

It is an incredible story not just for the F1 fans but people from every corner of the world who are looking for inspiration to build something out of nothing. Red Bull Racing has shown us how teamwork can work unimaginable wonders.

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