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SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team


Silverstone, United Kingdom

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Otmar Szafnauer

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Andrew Green



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BWT Mercedes

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4 (x1)

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Racing Point

Racing Point

SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team is one of the more recent entries in Formula One. They started operating under the name of Racing Point Formula One Team in 2019. Based in Silverstone, UK, the team has a rich history in Formula One. Because of the instability they had to face regarding the ownership of the team time and again throughout the course of history, drivers have never been able to make a real impact in the formula. The change in name portrays the addition of a new sponsorship deal signed with SportPesa. The 2019 Formula 1 season saw them perform at their best. They got seventh place in the championship rankings.

Key Changes

If you have ever come across the terms Force India or Racing Point Force India in the races that go back to the 2018 season, that team is what this team is all about. If you go even further back, the constructor used to be called Spyker F1 Team in 2006. At this point, you must be thinking that is all the history they have. In reality though, the team has its origins from the year of 1991. Among the F1 cults, the name of Jordan Grand Prix has the respect you would expect a record holder to have in the F1.

The Legend of Eddie Jordan

Eddie Jordan was the original founder of the current SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team. The original constructors of today’s Racing Point F1 race car got together in 1991. Their run lasted until 2005. It would be remiss to judge the team’s performance by looking at rest of the race car constructors who won titles year in, year out. Eddie’s team had a personality that was quite unique per se. The standards they had set for themselves invited racing fans to watch them race for the sake of racing instead of watching them beat other race cars.


The Early Days

The team took considerable time improving their ranking considering the humble beginnings they had experienced in the past. Among the people to experience the team’s first times was the driver Ulsterman John Watson who drove the team’s first car. The cars were reinforced by Ford. The team finished at fifth place of the Constructors Championship in the first year. It was really incredible how well they did in their first year of the F1.

The Good Days

Fast forward the years to 1997 when they outdid themselves in achieving great results, something people around the F1 had not associated Jordan Grand Prix with. First, they signed Giancarlo Fisichella, a great race car driver. Then they went for the brother of Michael Schumacher, Ralf Schumacher. Together they won the team a fifth place in the Constructors Championship. With a little more ambition shown in the next year, the team successfully signed Damon Hill. Signing this prolific talent in Damon Hill proved to be a leap in the right direction for Jordan Grand Prix who won the team the 1998 Belgian Grand Prix with Ralf Schumacher finishing second. The team ended the season at fourth place for Constructors Championship rankings in 1998. It was a proud moment for the team because they had not only beaten Michael Schumacher in the Grand Prix but also Mika Hakkinen. Both the drivers are known as the masters of the race.

The Bad Days

The team showed what they could do with a little bit of ambition. Unfortunately, this ambition only lasted for a while. But it was not going to last since ambition alone could not produce the results the team would have wanted. The team’s struggles became the most immense in 2004. In the next year, the team had to be sold to Midland Group. In that process, the team lost its longstanding name. But it continued as a team and investments for many other groups meant it would survive.

Future for SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team

It is a fresh start for Racing Point. One key advantage they might have in years to come would be their reliance on themselves instead of the people who have come before. The racers Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll have a lot on their shoulders to bring some level of success to the team. Formula One is known for its unpredictability. Granted there are a few race cars that make it much harder for newbies to compete at the highest level. But there have been examples of racers throughout the history of F1 who were once deemed disposable but turned up when given time and opportunity. Racing Point has got what it takes to make the impossible possible.

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