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Next Step After F1 2020 Cancellation

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Next Step After F1 2020 Cancellation

As we all know that in the light of pandemic and epidemic disease caused by the novel coronavirus, F1 was called off. Despite completing all the arrangements, F1 management cancelled Australian Grand Prix in the light of this deadly virus.

Next Step After F1 2020 Cancellation

We all would agree with the fact that this is the greatest and smartest decisions that has ever been made in the history of F1. However, the fact of the matter is that F1 fans, participants, and teams are extremely disappointed after this decision. They all understand that the decision has been made in order to ensure the maximum safety and security of people. Yet accepting the fact that they will not be able to Australian Grand Prix this month is certainly heartbreaking for most of them.

Coronavirus and Australian Grand Prix:

We all would agree with the fact that nothing is more important for each and every individual irrespective of his age to concentrate more and more on keeping themselves and family members safe. There is no doubt in the fact that when the fears and terrors of coronavirus are present in the air, it is extremely hard for all F1 fans to come out of their safe places and travel just to witness the F1 race. We all including some of the major f1 drivers believe that Grand Prix holds great importance and the majority of people are interested in this historic and monumental event. However, we cannot deny the fact that staying safe and ensuring a long and healthy life is also our priority. Therefore, no one including f1 participants and team members should risk their lives for the F1 Grand Prix Australia.

Are all F1 teams are worried?

Certainly, preparing for F1 races and championships is not just a game of a few days for all the F1 teams; instead; teams and drivers are more likely to invest years and months in order to get themselves prepared for the race. Hence, the cancellation notice is even more heartbreaking and disturbing for F1 drivers. However, the fact of the matter is that they don’t want to put their lives as well as the lives of their fans on stake. Therefore, every team and F1 racing driver is supporting the stance of FIA and encouraging F1 management to make the decision that is suitable and best for everyone. In this way, they will be able to ensure the safety and security of everyone in this global health crisis.

All F1 fans have been anticipating the Australian Grand Prix for a very long time; however, since now it has been canceled they are asking more and more questions about the expected date of this event. According to the latest official and unofficial resources, we have come to know that the Australian Grand Prix is more likely to occur in May. It is not a piece of confirmed news that it would now occur at the end of this May; however, teams have already prepared their minds according to this news. Now, everyone including the F1 teams and drivers is expecting this season to be continued in the coming May.

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