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Mercedes DAS Astonishes Drivers

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Mercedes DAS Astonishes Drivers

Mercedes DAS Astonishes Drivers

On Thursday morning of the first week of testing, Mercedes brought to the field something completely unusual. They introduced the world to another wonderful feature in a car that is already upholding its utmost potential. The six-time constructors’ championship winners had their say on the matter earlier. But they were hesitant to share the actual benefits of the newly introduced mechanism. Mercedes’ dominance has almost become a given at this point. With Mercedes bringing such revolutionary technologies to the front like the new Mercedes DAS system, it only makes sense why they are continuing to be at the very top of F1.

Sebastian Vettel

As soon as the news broke of the Dual-axis steering system, all the other nine teams became rather bemused during the testing just as the fans were. Sebastian Vettel gave his riveting analogy suggesting the new system felt like a runner had to use flip flops to run instead of running shoes. However, he then appreciated the beauty of the weirdness of the new system. Because in the end, if it works for the driver and if the car is faster, then why not?

Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo was very positive about Mercedes’ new technology. His opinion was bent on the fact that Mercedes dominated the turbo era. According to him, the reason behind Mercedes’ dominance in the turbo era is the fact that they keep pushing every other team to perform better.

Mattia Binotto

Ferrari Team Principal, Mattia Binotto came across quite a bit salty compared to Ricciardo. Binotto believes his team’s real challenge this year would be to make Mercedes’ life on track difficult.

Michael Masi

Although in these preliminary stages the new technologies look great to the fans, it still remains to be seen whether the FIA approves of it or not. However, Michael Masi, FIA Race Director, offered his perspective on the new technology. He stressed how important safety is to the FIA. So, following his views, should we presume the new DAS system is here to stay? From the looks of it, it does seem like DAS are good to go. But we’ll still have to wait on the FIA for a more formal assurance.

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since its arrival to the scene, Mercedes’ DAS has not revealed its real purpose in terms of providing driver an extra advantage. Considering the

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