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How to Get the Better of Lewis Hamilton?

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How to Get the Better of Lewis Hamilton?

Lewis Hamilton is not slowing down. That is for sure. The man is a machine when it comes to competing with other race car drivers. In recent years, the Mercedes Lewis Hamilton partnership has generated a lot of discussions online related to how they can be toppled off the top F1 standings. Similar to the people online thinking and talking about F1 and Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso who has gone on a hiatus from the Formula pit stop also made his ideas concerning Lewis Hamilton and his dominance over the first rank in F1 known. If you want to know more about Lewis Hamilton and his achievements, go to pitfirst.com.

Lewis Hamilton Veils his Weaknesses Quite Well

Of course, everyone remembers Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso equaling total points won in the 2007 season. Given the history of two, Fernando Alonso is hoping the two of them meet again to rekindle one of the great rivalries. He did point out where Lewis Hamilton could be caught off guard. On one occasion, Fernando Alonso said that in recent seasons, Lewis Hamilton has not been put under enough pressure to test his limits which is not wrong per se. In the early races, Hamilton does not seem to bring his A-game while also letting other competitors gain a false sense of hope of winning the entire F1 season. As the season progresses, Hamilton keeps getting better and better until the season is over.

2019 F1 Season: Just another F1 season or a lesson for Valterri Bottas?

Valterri Bottas, for those who don’t know him or pretend to follow Formula 1 in front of their friends just to look cool, is Lewis Hamilton’s partner in crime (not literally), represents Mercedes and finished second in the 2019 F1 standings whereas his rival – kind of – won another World Drivers Championship. The criticism toward Valterri Bottas has come so far for his inability to stay competent. While no one is taking away the strengths Bottas has shown over the course of the entire season, it still remains to be seen how he going to deal with his direct first position holding rival, Lewis Hamilton, in years to come.

Valterri Bottas’ best performance the entire F1 season was seen in the Australian Grand Prix where he was not only the winner of the race but also completed the fastest lap of the race. Lewis Hamilton was the second best in this race. To many people this seemed like an odd thing to happen and yet it did happen. The problem with Valterri Bottas is not his commitment, it is his consistency. Continuously winning against sure winners such as Lewis Hamilton is not easy. That is understandable. Repeating similar mistakes is not.

Fernando Alonso F1 Return in 2021?

The 2007 F1 Drivers Championship was quite a title to win. If there is a competition where a winner does not feel like a winner, we have ourselves a thrilling event to watch be it in soccer, cricket or F1. For the viewers of the 2007 F1 season, it was the best sporting watch in a long time.

Kimi Raikkonen, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso featured in the top three positions of the Drivers Championship 2007. Kimi Raikkonen won the Drivers Championship. The second place was to be shared by none other than Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso who had equaled their score totals. Through count-back, Fernando Alonso was awarded third place. Both of them drove for the same constructor McLaren-Mercedes. That in itself was an achievement for the constructor.

The rivalry between the two is alive to this day and Fernando Alonso is really looking forward to gearing up for the 2021 season. Should he return, Alonso would be faced with the challenge of finding the right constructor for his talents. As of this moment, the only plausible solution to up Alonso’s chances of giving Lewis Hamilton the competition he wishes to give would be the Renault F1 team because most of the other top teams have gotten themselves tied up with drivers of their respective choices already.

By 2021, Alonso would be forty. He would have to prepare himself mentally and physically to excel once more in the Formula 1. For people who reach the 40-year-old mark, it becomes hard to keep your body in shape. Contrary to the popular belief that mass does not have much of an impact on the performance of F1 race car, it does have an impact. For beginners, an addition of one kilo on a driver’s body may reduce the speed of their car exponentially. So, Alonso is not only hoping to challenge Lewis Hamilton, he is going to want to keep himself fit to race at forty just as much.

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