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Hamilton Talks Coronavirus Following Australian GP Cancellation

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Hamilton Talks Coronavirus Following Australian GP Cancellation

Australian GP has cancelled. The decision was made official on Friday morning after a series of event cancellations around the world, including sporting and nonsporting, and people concerned with the F1 tested positive. In hindsight, it is a tragedy to see the event be cancelled. But at the same time, health of the people must come first.

Formula 1 drivers had their say on the matter round the clock. First off was Lewis Hamilton, who kept himself isolated inside the hotel room. Before the cancellation was announced, Hamilton posted a video of himself saying he does not want to leave his room. In Hamilton’s view, the Australian GP should not have been brought to the stage it currently is in. He was rather “surprised” at the governing bodies’ decision to continue. Since the coronavirus has already caused a lot of damage around the world, it is safe to agree with Hamilton. The mission should be to contain the damage rather than carry on like everything is normal. It is not normal. Thankfully, the F1 governing bodies have understood it in time and cancelled the event.

After the cancellation, Lewis Hamilton was not very happy but mentioned his satisfaction with the decision to cancel.

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