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Haas F1 Team


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Guenther Steiner

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Rob Taylor



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Haas F1 Team is the first American constructor to compete in the Formula One.  They are based in North Carolina. The team was formed in 2014 and made its debut in the 2016 season. Since Haas F1 team does not have a very long history of competing in the Formula One, it is safe to assess all their seasons one by one.

More F1 Personality

Teams like Haas are just as important to the functioning of the Formula 1 as big names Ferrari or McLaren. There are a number of reasons as to why is that so.

Formula for all

For starters, new teams add to the spectrum of F1 races a new color that may be does something that has not been seen before. Because if you think about it, competitive constructors although very good at winning races are not very inventive. The reason behind it being that most of these winners are heavily funded by corporations who are more inclined to judge the races based on the results these top teams bring and the results these top teams bring are brought about through certain methods that cannot be changed a lot. Because if they do that, they increase the chances of their losing the race which is clearly not what corporations want to hear from the teams.

Quite the contrary, teams either in the lower half of the F1 standings or otherwise new are capable of trying new things and methods to get the better of teams who have been sitting at the top of the standings for years for the simple reason they have much less to lose compared to the ones at the top. If these methods which often include inconspicuous engineering tweaks work out, the team could end up becoming an elite team.

Surprise, surprise

There is one more amazing thing about these newborn racers: they bring an element of surprise in the race. Everybody loves an underdog. So, it is shouldn’t come as a surprise to viewers of the F1 races that ambitious teams like Haas have and always will be competing in the Formula 1.

The Haas Years Unfolded

Taking any of the teams’ existence for granted is a mistake only non-F1 folks should be allowed to make. Every race carries some value that aggregates the reasons a certain team wins the Driver’s or Constructors Championship one day.


Romain Grosjean played a big role for Haas in their first year. Australian Grand Prix was the race they performed the best in. Grosjean got sixth place in the race. They did not do so well the whole season. But they had their moments.


Haas Constructor Team and Dallara designed a really good-looking car for the 2017 Formula One season and named it Haas VF-17. The engine was made by Ferrari. This year, Haas’ drivers were Romain Grosjean from the previous year and Kevin Magnussen. The team finished at eighth position in the World Constructors Championship rankings with a total of 47 points. A promising year for Haas. Although, there was a lot of room for improvement, it still proved to be a promising year for Haas F1 Team.


The interesting thing about Haas is that they have kept on improving from their last races. They are doing the right things when it comes to increasing the overall efficiency of the car. VF-18, Haas’ new race car was designed to add more stability to the car. In pre-season testing, the car performed really well. This time, the team finished at fifth place in World Constructors standings – a three-step leap from their last year’s eighth position.


2019 proved to be a rather disappointing season for the American Formula team. They were at 9th position in the World Championship standings. Opposed to the trend they were setting, Haas failed to improve. There were some adjustments they made to the engine that did not make the wheels turn, so to speak.

There is still hope for them. The team does have a good look about them. Haas F1 Team can bounce back to the top five Championship standings if they pay more attention to the engineering side of the car.

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