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Formula 1 vs Formula E: How Good Is Formula E?

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formula1 vs formula e

Formula 1 vs Formula E seems like a timeless debate right now because of how much both formats of racing are evolving. Climate change is an undeniably moot point to discuss. Even though some people choose not to believe in the immediacy of climate change, we are still going to talk about it in terms of Formula One’s work on and off the racetracks while also comparing that work to the progress made thus far by Formula E.

Before we start this discussion, we ought to tell ourselves to keep an open mind. We ought to tell ourselves there is no Formula 1 team or Formula E team. Because often in a debate, people try to pick sides before establishing what are the facts based on preconceived ideas that somehow find a place to sit in their heads and later act reluctantly when asked to leave. Both of the racing formats have their pros and cons as we shall soon find out. But before we do find out, we need to be patient.

Formula 1 vs Formula E

formula 1 vs formula e

The necessity to talk about both of these racing formulae stems from the fact that car racing is a traditional sport celebrated around the world but it has also been causing a lot of trouble to our environment. In all honesty, Formula 1 is among the most-watched sporting activities. It has stayed that way for a very long time owing to its rich history of thrilling its fans and implementing new car engineering ideas on the road. On the contrary, Formula E has only arrived five years ago. It is still adolescent if we compare its impact to the one made by Formula 1. No one can argue with that. But when we talk about Formula E’s impact with our main concern shifted towards saving the environment, the progress is immeasurable compared to what Formula 1 is doing.

F1 Racing

Formula 1 has an allure that originates from its superfast cars, high-end car tech and demanding circuits. We have not even gotten to all the drama that goes on in the background during the race which is just as intense as the race itself. Furthermore, F1 history matters. When Sebastian Vettel says he is hoping to emulate his country-mate and F1 legend Michael Schumacher with Scuderia Ferrari, it means Formula 1 is like a track that does not need repairs – all it needs is more cars running over it because new drivers believe in the sanctity of the Formula 1. They know it in their hearts it matters. So, understandably it is not an easy job to make people think that there is another format of racing which is not exactly Formula 1 but it is in many ways Formula 1.

Another reason for Formula 1’s dominance in the auto racing industry is its everlasting relationship with famous brands of constructors like Scuderia Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull Racing, Renault and many more. Some of these constructors also happen to be engine manufacturers. This only helps further F1’s importance to the world because when these engines win a tournament, they easily make their way into the road-car industry.

F1 Environment-Friendly or Not?

Now that we have analyzed how big Formula 1 is, let’s go through the impact they make on our environment. Despite F1 organizers’ efforts to reduce the carbon emissions during an entire F1 season, the emissions remain too much to ignore. After their new deal with Aramco, it does not look like their mission to achieve carbon neutrality is real.

Formula E – The Direct Contrast


Formula E is an all-electric car racing format. It started back in 2014. The only noticeable drawback in this format is the sounds the cars produce during a Formula E race. Other than that, they are completely environment-friendly. Racecars of Formula E have different aerodynamic engineering compared to Formula 1. Tyres are not quite the same as the ones Pirelli produces for F1 races. In addition to that, car speeds average around 250 km/h which is lower than Formula 1.

formula e


Overall, its racing experience is nothing like Formula 1. But that in no way means Formula E is not good. The new and efficient formula is great in its own right. Essentially, if you try to compare the two formats, you might not like Formula E very much. It is because both of them have their unique style and fun to offer.

In the end, Formula 1 vs Formula E has to make sense for the sake of the environment as well as the racing. The question of whether Formula 1 is better or Formula E could be translated into a question asking us to choose between a healthy environment and high-end racing experience. An attempt to bring both of these to the world is full of unknown risks which is why it is going to take a while before the Formula between F1 and FE features at the paddock close to your home.

Share your thoughts with us on the future of our environment and F1 racing.

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