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Fewer Races Better Than Void F1 Season: Carlos Sainz Jr

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Carlos Sainz jr

Carlos Sainz prefers some racing than no racing at all. In other words, if the season is canceled altogether, it would have grave consequences for everyone involved with F1.

Six months looks like a decent amount of time to complete one F1 season. With Austria being tipped to host the most recent Grand Prix behind closed doors, organizers would hate to see this opportunity get out of their hands. Even though fans staying at home are having fun following the Virtual Grand Prix Series, they would definitely prefer to watch some of the real Formula 1 action.

July, hopefully, is the month when F1 returns to our television screens. Completely lifting the lockdown is hard for all countries – even Austria – as of today. But if protective measures are taken in hosting the F1 races, it might just save the season from falling apart.

“I prefer to think there’s going to be fewer races than to imagine everything will be canceled,” said Sainz in his conversation with Spanish media. He continued, saying that it would be a hard blow if the season is abandoned. He is right because the sport does have a lot of parties involved all of whom support it to make it as successful as it is today. Seeing nothing related to the sport happen for a whole year is going to cause problems for many businesses. The greatest damage is going to follow manufacturers who have been giving their all to make the sport thrilling and fun to experience.

Sainz also said that a lot of jobs are at stake and that F1 will suffer many consequences similar to how other sports will. But, in his opinion, Formula 1 is a sport inclusive of smart engineers who can offer help in dealing with the pandemic. His point checks out alright as Mercedes made its plant at Brixworth into a factory of healthcare equipment, specifically breathing aid, to assist the hospitals in keeping up with the increasing number of patients.

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