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Ferrari Unfazed Over F1 Testing Engine Failure

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F1 Testing Engine Failure

Ferrari Unfazed Over F1 Testing Engine Failure

“not a cause for concern.” is the Ferrari’s ruling. Sebastian Vettel had to stop due to F1 testing engine failure in the first test. While Vettel refreshed himself, the team replaced the power unit in his car. SF1000 did most things right. However, its lubrication system needs fixing as Ferrari pointed out. Stopping the car during testing did cost them a lot of track time. Looking past that though, it is great that they spotted the issue before the Australian GP. The bad unit went straight to Maranello for further assessment.

Problem Spotted

They keep saying it is a non-structural problem and that they have already started working on a solution. Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto has not done enough to calm the nerves either. His recent statements have left growing concerns over the top speed of SF1000. Vettel and Leclerc both were nowhere near the top-ranking lap times. Ferrari fans are hoping time passes quickly so that they can watch Leclerc prove them wrong. That’s how desperate the situation looks for Ferrari right now.

Leclerc vs Binotto

Leclerc has been among the few souls still comfortable with where they stand in Ferrari. He talks about strategy instead of the status quo. Leclerc and Binotto both offer interesting takes on the state Ferrari is in. Ultimately, their performance in the Australian GP is going to matter the most.

Remaining Tests

Ferrari is expected to start working on the performance of the car in the next week of testing. In addition to that, they will also have revised front and rear wings for the second week. All the hints Ferrari keeps giving out to the public throughout the testing points to one plausible conclusion. They are not revealing the true power of their car in the testing. Their intention seemingly is to make their rivals forget about Ferrari’s plans. That said, testing is still an important period of every F1 season. They are using this time to correct issues within the car that may not be too revealing of the car’s true powers.

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