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Ferrari Slower than Mercedes in 2020?

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Ferrari Slower than Mercedes

Ferrari Slower than Mercedes in 2020? Binotto Responds Following First Testing Week

So much has already happened in the first week of the pre-season testing. Ferrari’s preseason so far looms danger for both of their drivers. Charles Leclerc intends to challenge the top tier of drivers aggressively this year. The situation is worse for Sebastian Vettel who has been quite vocal over the last couple of weeks about his fragile relationship with Scuderia Ferrari. Putting all of that aside, there are serious doubts over Ferrari’s chances of living up to the standards their fans have set for them after Ferrari boss Binotto’s latest admission.

Mercedes Tops Yet Again

Mercedes brought their car upgraded and ready for the new year. When compared to their most immediate rivals in Red Bull and Ferrari, Mercedes has both speed and technology on their side. Binotto agrees and he is not too happy about it. On Day 3, Vettel’s car had to stop due to an engine issue. While issues like these are highly irregular, they do offer Ferrari a chance to fix them all before the initiation of the Australian Grand Prix. Throughout testing, they hardly showed any signs of challenging the frontrunners.

Binotto: A pessimist or harbinger?

All has not been lost yet though. Ferrari is still 22 races away from losing the top-three finish of this year’s F1 season. Testing has brought the numbers forward for them. Whether they fix anything before the season kicks off is highly dependent on the team’s resolve. But if they keep sending messages of resentment across their team at such an early stage of the season, they might not be heading in the right direction.

Binotto will have to find a strategy to fix the car as soon as possible. More importantly, he will have to keep optimism around. Because competing in 22 races with such a dull attitude is not going to get them anywhere. Maybe it is part of their strategy to let their rivals bask in the sun while they work hard to make it happen when it is going to matter the most. If that is the case, then we are in for a treat amid the 2020 F1 Season.


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Ferrari Slower than Mercedes in 2020?

Binotto Responds Following First Testing Week

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