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Ferrari in Big Trouble

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Ferrari Bad News

Ferrari in Big Trouble – F1 Engine Not Good Enough

Sadly, as the first Grand Prix of the F1 season nears, more bad news keeps coming for the Ferrari fans. People at Ferrari are crying F1 Engine not good enough. Preseason tests have provided dismal results for Binotto’s team. The results suggest SF1000 might not have a strong power unit for 2020. This is deeply troubling for Vettel and Leclerc. They expected improvements in the new car. But the more they drive, the more problems they have to face. Among these problems, the biggest one is the straight-line speed deficit.

More Flaws

One positive aspect of the new car is its improvement in cornering potential. Much to the distress of Ferrari, a lack of power does too much damage to make cornering potential look good on the car’s resume. Fans did not have to dig too deep to spot Ferrari’s flaws; pre-season testing exposed Ferrari heavily.

Ferrari is known for its straight-line speed. However, this season, considering how poorly the team is doing to get the most out of their engine, that paradigm could change. As Mattia Binotto suggested in his recent comments following testing, the car does not have a very solid engine. Coupled with high drag, the car is just not reaching the expected potential. That, ultimately, is why the car is not having a good time on the track.

Promises and Compromises

Binotto also claimed that his team focused on making the car more reliable compared to last year. This approach backfired with the car dropping its overall performance. Obviously, when you are focused on achieving reliability, the car has to face some compromise as a result. That came in the form of less speed for Ferrari.

Some fans are still adamant that Ferrari is hiding its true potential to later gain an advantage in the races. Binotto, on the other hand, has other ideas. There is little positivity around Ferrari as Binotto has pointed out on several occasions. With Australian GP just around the corner, Ferrari is running against time to fix their car.

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