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F1 testing 2020: Mercedes and Ferrari Head Games

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F1 testing 2020: Mercedes and Ferrari Head Games

Head Game

We all would agree with the fact that somewhere between rivalry and competition there is a strange thing called mind games. Particularly in sports, there is no better way of paving the way for success than making the best use of mind games. People say that having the best F1 car and intelligent F1 driver is all that is required to win the F1 championship. Most people don’t know that along with intricate, well-equipped, and aerodynamic Formula 1 car and capable driver, having a perfect and effective strategy is also important to win the F1 race. We all must know that losing out to the advantage of playing mind games in Formula 1 races and competitions would not only make the Formula One team suffer but it would give the opportunity to other teams that are likely to play head games in order to win the championship. For having a psychological advantage in the F1 race, having some exceptional mind-games is the most important and essential factor for winning the race.

The most popular F1 teams that are more likely to play mind-games more than any other team are Ferrari and Mercedes. These two teams have always been in the spotlight for playing strategic mind-games in the Formula One competition. Both of the teams build false narratives before the start of the F1 championship and deceive one another in the best way possible. Sometimes, these mind-games allow the respective team to win the championship while other times team members regretting playing these sorts of games. However, the fact of the matter is that most of the time mind-games in formula one tend to help teams in achieving their goals without any trouble. Even in this season, these two teams are not restricting its members and drivers from playing head-games because they know that it would lead them somewhere in the competition. From the start of Formula 1 testing, we can say that both the teams are playing psychological games in a different manner. Some of the revealing and most prominent mind-games that are making highlight this season are mentioned below.

Ferrari’s classic sandbagging:

Believe it or not, sandbagging has always been the supporting aid to Ferrari in F1 championship and competitions. They stick to classic sandbagging and every single time achieves something great out of this strategy. This strategy never gets old because people believe what you show them; hence, we can say that this classic strategy always works for this team. Sandbagging is actually a process of manipulating your actions by deliberately lowering your expectations in the Formula 1 race. This time also, Ferrari is lowering its expectations by talking about the speed and winning chances of Mercedes to divert the attention of people. This powerful strategy can also become troublesome and problematic for the team that is planning this sort of strategy. Hence, one must be careful when it comes to creating strategies in F1.

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