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F1 pre-season testing Day 5 highlights  

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day F1 pre-season testing Day 5 highlights  

Day 5 highlights

People say that pre-season testing rounds are not important in Formula1 and they think that the real competition after these warm-up sessions and rounds. They are actually oblivious to the fact that nothing is more important for all the F1 teams than taking part in F1 pre-season testing with great might and power. The more F1 teams will take part in F1 testing competitions in the best way possible the better they would be able to make a dominant place in the ranking list. Hence, we cannot deny the significance and importance of pre-season testing rounds in F1.

Some F1 teams are likely to check the reliability and fix efficiency issues in F1 pre-season testing while other teams just focus on checking the potential and analyzing the strategy of other teams. You might not believe but it is a fact that F1 teams tend to play mind-games in order to keep their rivals and competitors disillusioned of their potential and capability.

Certainly, F1 pre-season testing 2020 has been very interesting and exceptional so far. Some f1 teams are playing mind-games like Ferrari while others are determined in showing their best potential and performance. Hence, we can say that this testing season has been very unpredictable and interesting so far and therefore more and more F1 fans are not leaving any chance to support their favorite teams in this testing rounds.

Apparently, knowing all the F1 pre-season 2020 highlights is extremely important for all F1 fans because without knowing these highlights fans and supporters will not be able to win the race. Hence, we can say that nothing is more important for F1 teams, participants, and fans than knowing highlights of the testing season. For this reason, we have mentioned some of the most important and essential highlights of the pre-season testing round 2 day 5.

The morning session was a bit troubling for some F1 teams: 

Certainly, rain is one of the most troubling and disturbing factors for all F1 drivers in the F1 races. In day 5 F1 pre-season testing, we can see that rain created a number of challenges and troubles for all the F1 teams. For this reason, red flags were all over the place in the morning pre-season testing session and drivers ended up having some of the worst spins of the entire testing season.

One of the toughest and strongest competitors, Mercedes retired because of oil pressure issues and other teams had various spins in the course of the race. Thus, we can say that the morning run was not at all smooth and hassle-free for F1 drivers in F1 pre-season testing 2020.

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