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F1 New Team in 2021 – Is Aston Martin here to beat Mercedes?

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The biggest story in the world of racing, after Lando Norris struggling to score points in the F1 Challenge this week, of course, is the introduction of a new team Aston Martin in Formula 1. Technically, it is not a new team. It is taking over the current team named Racing Point. The first thing that comes to every race fan’s mind when they hear the words Racing Point is a pink car. They are a special group, no doubt. Although it does look like they needed this change.

The Formula 1 Dream

Every car manufacturing company has a dream. That dream is to race in Formula 1, the world’s greatest racing formula. For legitimate reasons, they think of it as the dream as most of the leading cars in F1 have a popular name in the auto industry. Think about Mercedes for a second. They didn’t get where they currently are with a snap of fingers. There is a history in the manufacturing of fast racing cars competing in F1. When we talk about history, we don’t mean the recent V6 Turbo history. Granted, that is great. But we are talking about the good old Silver Arrows days.

Meanwhile, other car enthusiasts like Enzo Ferrari, to whom today’s whole Scuderia Ferrari owes a big chunk of success they have not had over the last couple of years, also enjoyed fame due to his persistent involvement in the Formula 1. When a driver wears that red suit of Ferrari, it represents the continuing value of Ferrari in F1. Ferrari’s name in the road car manufacturing industry is backed by their role in F1 racing.

The point is that Formula 1 is the biggest brand of racing in the world. It has stayed as the biggest brand for a very long time because the teams featuring in the F1 GPs ever since the initiation of the World Championship in the early fifties have brought the special racing formula even more glory. Teams are extremely important to the fame of Formula 1 and vice versa.

Any new brand of cars when enters the fold of F1, they are handed over the opportunity to join the elite car manufacturing industry. There are a lot of reasons behind a brand’s success after they have joined F1. But the most important of them all is because the car manufacturers invent and test new functions and aerodynamics on the F1 car, they develop a good sense of what an optimal car ought to do or what are the things they should avoid doing with a car whenever it is manufactured for public use.

Aston Martin Returning to F1

Aston Martin

Word is Aston Martin is making a return after previously featuring in F1 60 years ago. If that is indeed true, then we should get ready for a new Mercedes competitor. Why Aston Martin could be the new Mercedes? Well, Aston Martin is showing all signs of being the lost cousin of Mercedes. Aston Martin made a return to F1 after a long time. Mercedes did exactly the same. Racing Point which will soon become Aston Martin has been called by many other teams as the pink Mercedes following the testing sessions at Catalunya.

Other factors to determine the quality of the team cannot be ruled out. We cannot act surprised if Toto Wolff, the current team principal of Mercedes, joins Racing Point or soon-to-be Aston Martin as soon as his contract ends. Serious rumors are flying around over the uncertainty surrounding Toto Wolff’s contract. If he does join Aston Martin, we can expect great things from the group that currently works on the Racing Point cars.

Positives for the New Team

Early in the testing sessions of the F1 2020 season, Racing Point driver Sergio Perez was very happy with the car. His happiness could be understood from the fact that the car was racing at a very high speed and ran with a lot more stability. This is also music to Lawrence Stroll’s ears who is doing everything in his power to keep the group going forward. As of now, the group is not as big in Formula 1. Their only involvement is in the form of a Red Bull Racing title sponsor. In 2021, that will change. They will have a whole team under their name. Their current strategy offers a chance for Aston Martin to expand its marketing horizons further with a more aggressive involvement in F1 racing.

Anyway, Aston Martin is owed a big congratulations. The team under the new name could be doing special things in the future. It is great to see so many changes in F1. Truth be told, it is getting a little bit boring to see the same team do it over and over again. It is about time new teams are given the chance to shine at the Silverstone.

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