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F1 2020 Testing 6 Highlights 

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F1 2020 Testing 6 Highlights


The final day of F1 pre-season testing always holds great significance and importance in the eyes of F1 teams and drivers. Every team wants to complete the maximum number of laps in the shortest and quickest amount of time to give a tough time to its competitors. There is no doubt in the fact that the statistics have changed a lot from the day one of pre-season testing till the last day. Some teams showed their potential in the beginning while others achieved great milestones in the last testing round. Thus, we can say that the F1 grid looks interesting and intriguing after two complete rounds of pre-season testing.

There is no doubt in the fact that pre-season testing 2020 has been rewarding and fulfilling for some F1 teams while for others it has been the most troublesome and difficult testing rounds. We all would agree with the fact that a few teams have not yet unleashed their potential in the best way possible and they are waiting to show their potential in the championship rounds. However, there are also some teams that have shown their complete potential and capabilities to keep rivals and competitors under-pressure.

Certainly, knowing the highlights of the final day of pre-season testing 2020 is extremely important for all F1 fans because it would help them in analyzing and evaluating the performance of their favorite teams. The more F1 fans would focus on knowing some of the most important highlights of the season the more they would be able to enjoy the Australian championship in the best way possible. For the purpose of making more and more people aware of all day 6 highlights, we have mentioned some of the most important highlights of the final day of testing. It would definitely inform people of the position of their favorite F1 team in the competition.

  • Mercedes have ended the competition in the same fashion it has started F1 testing rounds 2020. Thus, we can say that Mercedes has been one of the strongest and most competitive teams throughout the F1 testing rounds.
  • There is no other team that has shown more colors than Ferrari in F1 testing rounds. In one test round, Ferrari seems to be one of the most underperforming teams while in another round it seems to be one of the strongest F1 teams. However, after the final F1 round, we can say that Ferrari has a lot to unleash in the final rounds o F1 testing. Leclerc completed 181 laps that are a mega achievement for Ferrari and show that it has a lot to reveal.
  • Williams and Mclaren with 146 and 163 laps also remain the center of attention in the final rounds of F1 testing 2020. Thus, we can say that along with other competitive teams Williams and Mclaren will also be going to be extremely successful in the F1 championship 2020.
  • We all would agree with the fact that Alfa Romeo with 115 laps would play a substantial role in making the F1 competition interesting and exciting for all F1 fans and teams in the best way possible way. Hence, we can say that denying or overlooking the performance of midfield teams would be a great mistake.
  •  If there is one team that can be called silent assassins, then it must be Red Bull. There is no other team that has all the potential to win the F1 championship like Red Bull. This team has shown solid running, long run, and loads and loads of mileage in the F1 pre-season testing 2020.
  • Certainly, if there is one team that has lost the potential of winning the F1 race, then it must be Haas. From showing disappointing mileage to having a consistency issue; Haas is the least happy and competitive team after F1 testing 2020.

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