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F1 2020 Championship Rules & Regulations Changes

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2020 F1 championship rules and regulations

F1 2020 Championship Rules & Regulations Changes

Changes in F1 2020 championship rules can never be good news for even a Formula 1 top driver. Even though stability has been noticed in the F1 2020 rules, there are still some rules that needed to be revisited for the upcoming season. These are the changes all teams this year would need to consider before the season kicks off.

Return of the chequered flags – F1 2020 Championship Rules

Last year, chequered light panel got introduced as the official signal to mark the end of the race. To the surprise of many, the flag was still waved at the victory of Charles Leclerc at Monza. The chequered panel did not do as well as people had hoped for which was most noticeable at the Japanese Grand Prix. A glitch caused the chequered panel to illuminate a lap earlier than the end of the race. Because of that, the official results got messed up and everyone who was involved that day left the venue unsettled. Following this event, the chequered flags made their return to F1 as the official way to end a race.

Reduced Testing – F1 2020 Championship Rules

2020 has seen the pre-season testing reduce from eight to six days. Two three-day tests will be conducted at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. These tests will be held from 19th to 21st February and 26th to 28th February. Mid-season testing has been eliminated altogether. This can have good or bad repercussions depending on the strategy of each team. Some teams like to tweak their machines a little when mid-season approaches. Others have a momentum on their side which they don’t want to lose.

Meanwhile, there is positive news for young drivers and viewers who have gotten bored of watching the same old faces drive single-seaters. The new stipulation demands that the teams must use a driver with two or less Grand Prix starts at least once in the post-season Abu Dhabi tests.

More Mechanical Rest – F1 2020 Championship Rules

Theoretically, the Thursday and Friday of race weekends are going to have an extra hour of rest added for the mechanics in the 2020 regulations. It is a mandatory curfew. This means the mechanics who love working on their cars will have to spend more of their time away from the machines and the circuit. The current time limit for rest has been extended from eight hours to nine. If there are such teams who cannot keep themselves from breaking the curfew, they are allowed to break the curfew twice in one season without any charges.

Car Design Modifications – F1 2020 Championship Rules

A small plate will have to be created on the engine cover of the cars for 2020. More design features could be added in 2021. The most similar design convention used on a car can be seen on McLaren’s wedge on the MCL34. People have already started calling it the ‘shark fin’. Its purpose would be to make it easier for the fans to tell the machines apart. There will almost be zero to no impact on the cars’ performance. You can be certain it is not going to decide F1 championships.

Fuel Reduction Outside the Tank – F1 2020 Championship Rules

How much fuel is consumed over a course of time can decide winners sometimes. To make the race more interesting, the 2020 Technical Regulations have pulled back on the figure of fuel allowed outside the car tank to just 250 ml. This rule has been applied to try to bring more equality between the participating teams as there were some teams seeking advantage by storing a large amount of fuel outside the tank.

One more MGU-K – F1 2020 Championship Rules

A car engine is the most important part of a car. A driver can have a lot more acceleration if the car has a working engine with all the smooth transitions between its various components. Engine modifications can never hurt. The very reason engines are modified is to bring more power at a driver’s disposal. If a car has a powerful engine, the driver is automatically going to be driving the car without being worried about the engine’s capability.

Drivers have been afforded the opportunity to upgrade their engine with one more Motor Generator Unit – Kinetic (MGU-K in short). So, in total there are now three MGU-Ks allowed within a car engine over the entire season. What it also means is that there are going to be even less penalties applied in 2020. Last year, nine out of the twenty drivers were found exceeding their MGU-K limit. There is a trade-off though. The drivers are still allowed just two Energy stores and two Control Electronics every year.

One more ‘Listed Parts’ Accessory – F1 2020 Championship Rules

There have been countless arguments between the Formula 1 enthusiasts as to whether Brake ducts should be called Listed Parts or not. Well, you can stop arguing with your friends about it now that the air ducts have been officially enlisted as a ‘Listed Part’. What this essentially means is that the brake ducts will now have to be designed by the teams themselves instead of being installed by another company or team. There are other listed parts as well that play as much of an important roll in a car’s functioning as the brake ducts do. These Listed Parts include the car’s bodywork, front impact structures, roll structures and the survival cell.

Driver controls the starts – F1 2020 Championship Rules

2020 will be the year when the drivers can finally have a lot of control over their start. Almost 90% of the engine’s torque will be in the hands of the drivers. In addition to that, the paddles must belong to “pull-type” category.

More power means more responsibility on the drivers’ shoulders. Stall prevention and bite point finder functions will still be provided to the drivers. They will have to find a good getaway on their own now though.


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