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Coronavirus Update: F1 Festival in Johannesburg Postponed

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Coronavirus Update: F1 Festival in Johannesburg Postponed

The F1 fun-filled event was planned to be held on 29th March but as a result of the continuation of the coronavirus crisis throughout the world, the F1 Festival in Johannesburg Postponed for now. The postponement of this event should allow people to stay at home to protect themselves.

Formula 1 has joined hands with Heineken, SAGP and the Gauteng Province to decide on a return date of the Joburg Festival to the schedule. There are no updates as of yet regarding the exact date. Although, any decisions taken will take into consideration how well the situation has gotten.

Coronavirus has affected many F1 Grands Prix till now. But the biggest threat aside from the obvious spread of coronavirus facing the F1 organizers is getting the postponed or canceled races back to the schedule in as little time as possible. Among the latest casualties in Formula 1, Monaco GP cancellation will be detrimental. Provided how much impact this iconic Grand Prix has had over the years on the F1 community, it only makes sense that people would expect the GP to be included in the F1 schedule once things get back to normal.

Amid the uncertainty surrounding the return of the F1 Festival, the organizers are hopeful to bring the entertainment back to Johannesburg soon. According to Ellie Norman, Director of Marketing & Communications, the health and safety of fans is “paramount” which is why postponing the event was in the best interest of everyone.

Formula 1 is doing a lot of extra work outside of racing to help communities deal with coronavirus crisis. Their best efforts have been seen in the launch of a Virtual Grand Prix series. Also, F1 teams are offering help to affected communities in unprecedented ways.

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