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Coronavirus Further Delays F1 2020 Season Start

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Coronavirus: F1 Dutch, Spanish Races Postponed, Monaco GP Canceled

Formula 1 has been forced to postpone the 2020 F1 Dutch and Spanish Races along with the Monaco Grand Prix 2020 canceled. Coronavirus pandemic is not slowing down the authorities from taking precautionary measures. The news follows a progressive pattern of cancelation or postponement of the F1 Grands Prix 2020.

Reports also suggest F1 might not bring the planned 2021 regulations in the expected year. They say the regulations could now come in 2022.

There are serious doubts about whether the next three races will go ahead. It seems like half of the 2020 F1 season could either get postponed or canceled before the start of the next season. Formula 1 is not the only sport struggling to contain the adverse effects of the coronavirus. We are seeing soccer, NBA among other famous sports pushing the pause button on all the events for the longest duration.

The likely date for the return of 2020 Formula 1 was previously thought to be around the start of May. But following recent developments, the start date now has been taken to the end of May. The promotors are taking the health and safety of people seriously. Therefore, they don’t want to start the races under current circumstances. Many governments and nonprofit organizations around the world are implementing strong preventive measures.

Because the virus is transmitting from one person to another, people are being told to avoid crowding. Meanwhile, many big companies have opted to close their stores for the sake of prevention. The virus is causing several economies to review the choices made in the past over the prevention of health concerns. Things are not getting easier as time goes by. Consequently, the 2020 Formula 1 break is likely to last longer than our expectations.

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