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Chase Carey 2020 Statement When Situation Improves…

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Chase Carey

Whether it is F1 fans, the management or F1 teams and racing drivers, everyone was fully ready and excited for the F1 championship. Therefore, we must say that nothing is more disappointing for all the F1 fans and teams than the postponement of these races. Certainly, fans have bought tickets of different races in order to witness the performance of their favorite F1 drivers. Additionally, F1 drivers and teams have been working collectively and hardly for a substantial amount of time. Therefore, it would not be wrong if we say that everyone has been waiting for this race desperately. However, the fact of the matter is that the outbreak of coronavirus has ruined all the plans of people and F1 management. For this reason, the management has decided to take necessary steps and in regard to that, it has postponed a number of major F1 races. We all would agree with the fact that F1 fans and teams have suffered major disappointment; however, the fact of the matter is that in such a situation F1 management was bound to take such serious steps. Chase Carey 2020 Statement

Chase Carey the CEO of F1, has been noticing the situation from the very beginning, He knows what he is doing is best for people in every regard and therefore we must support and encourage his decision of postponement of races instead of raising questions on them. The more we will support and encourage the decisions of F1 management the better we will be able to deal with this situation of uncertainty in the best way possible. Thus, all we must do is pay attention to taking all the necessary steps to stay safe and well-protected from this deadly virus as it is capable enough to put our life on risk. Hence, we all must support the decision of Chase Caret and make sure to appreciate his courage that he has shown in this matter as he has to go through a lot of backlash and criticism for postponing F1 races.

People have been whining after hearing the news of the postponement of F1 races. Certainly, they are neither thinking about their own health nor about the health of their loved ones. They don’t know how serious the situation is and how hard we all have to strive in order to normalize our lives again. In such circumstances, when the fear of coronavirus is hovering over our heads, we must know that nothing is more important for all of us than practicing social isolation. Hence, F1 has postponed a number of races in order to prevent this virus from spreading further. Here are some points that highlight how deeply hurt the CEO of F1 is because of the postponement of F1 races.

He has made the public apology: 

There is no doubt in the fact that everyone including F1 fans, management and teams have faced major disappointments because of the postponement of the F1 competition and races. People have been criticizing Chase Carey and the entire F1 management for postponing the races instead of supporting and appreciating this decision. For this reason, the F1 CEO has made a public apology and he has apologized for the unfortunate situation and circumstances. Even though he is not responsible for any situation; however, he is kind enough to make an apology from F1 fans and teams. He knows that everyone has been waiting for Grand Prix 2020 but there is nothing that he could do in such circumstances.

He has asked people to stay hopeful: 

In this situation of hopelessness, staying hopeful is certainly one of the most difficult tasks for everyone. We are witnessing that more and more people are now dying because of coronavirus and there is nothing that we can do to ensure the safety of ourselves and our loved ones except for staying safe and protected. Therefore, F1 management has also taken an instant notice and postponed all the F1 races. However, he is saying that he is willing to arrange the F1 race whenever the situation will get better.

He is doing everything that is in favor of people: 

There is nothing more important for all F1 followers and fans than understanding the seriousness of the situation and of the decision made by the F1 management. We must know that in such a situation there is no other possibility that can help us in controlling the virus than practicing social isolation. Therefore, postponing F1 races is the need of the time and we must support this decision in the best way possible.

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