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Charles Leclerc Has A Familiar Challenger In Virtual GP

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Charles Leclerc

Sebastian Vettel has finally got a new simulation racing environment ready in hopes of competing in the next Virtual GP. Sim racing was never in his plans. Nonetheless, he did set it all up because, in his words, he received a lot of pressure from his friends to explore the world of sim racing. His racing partner has already won two Virtual Grands Prix. So, the pressure is high for Seb. If the four times title-winning German does get into the next virtual event, Leclerc could be facing a familiar challenger in Virtual GP.

In the real world, Charles Leclerc has managed to get under Vettel’s skin. Can he do the same in the virtual world? We’ll have to wait on that. On the contrary, it is going to be an incredibly powerful race once Vettel becomes fully ready. Who can forget the collision between them at the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix? There is also a possibility the next Virtual GP is held in Brazil. If that possibility becomes reality, one could easily imagine both of them taking the race to the next level.

Virtual Racing Career? Not Vettel’s thing. But he is happy for his teammate who is making strides in sim racing. Vettel just wants to have fun in the virtual events. His real focus is still on the real racing. Still, drivers have often spoken of the virtual racing very much close to the on-track experience. If Sebastian Vettel wants to hone his driving skills, there is no better way to do it than through his sim racing environment. The biggest advantage here is that there is nothing to lose which potentially puts him in a place to test risky tricks. This is in no way an opportunity for Charles Leclerc to act bigger than Sebastian Vettel for the German now has too much experience to make things difficult for the best of the drivers out there.

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