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Charles Leclerc: Fewer Races, More Risk

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charles leclerc

Charles Leclerc gives the driver’s view on how things are going to pan out in case there are fewer races held. According to the young Ferrari driver, the men in the racecars will be taking more risk if the revised F1 calendar will have fewer races.

The reason for the number of races to reduce comes down to the postponement of nearly half of the season with an official schedule yet to be announced. Meanwhile, the F1 community should be glad the season is not over. Despite the F1 experience the Virtual Grand Prix Series is offering to all the fans at home, soon enough the series is going to run out of steam. Therefore, the closer we get to watch the first Grand Prix of the season, the better.

Vettel’s team partner thinks an increase in risk is inevitable because the number of opportunities for drivers to score points is going to reduce. Drivers will consequently have to up their game and try to overtake more. So, as bad as it sounds to see the number of races go down, there is a lot of exciting racing we are definitely going to watch once F1 returns. Leclerc also said that Hamilton and Mercedes are still the favorites to win the title again this year. But surprises cannot be ruled out.

Scuderia Ferrari, Leclerc’s team, is currently undergoing a state of uncertainty as Italy continues to endure a hard time fighting the coronavirus. Much like all the other F1 teams, Ferrari is aiming to get back to work so that it can compete in the first F1 race which is allegedly expected to take place in Austria behind closed doors in July. Though the exact details remain to be disclosed by the officials, teams are hoping Formula 1 announces the new schedule soon.

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