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Australian GP is Cancelled

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Australian Grand Prix Cancelled

The tension in the world because of coronavirus has taken a toll on everyone. From celebrities to individuals belonging to various parts of the world are getting affected by this deadly and perilous virus. Every country is taking actions to control this virus from spreading. However, the problem is that there is no proper vaccine or medicine invented for controlling the growth of this dangerous virus. Therefore, taking hygiene measures and avoiding huge gatherings are the best ways to prevent this virus from spreading.

There is no doubt in the fact that a number of countries are not affected by this deadly virus and Australia is one of them. For this reason, the Australian government has taken immediate actions to control this virus. Firstly, the Australian government has restricted people from gathering in public places because this can play a substantial role in making this epidemic disease even more harmful and dangerous. Secondly, the government is also asking sports authorities to cancel all sorts of events.

Mainly because of the outbreak of this deadly virus, Australian Gran Prix is now got cancelled. FIA has already announced that organizing Australian GP in such circumstances would be a great mistake. This might end up making a number of F1 fans and even team members ill and sick. Therefore, FIA and AGPC think that cancelling the F1 events, for now, is the best option to save the lives of people. You might not believe but it is a fact that a number of F1 participants and team members are already in quarantine that shows that the situation is not under control. On the whole, we can say that cancelling F1 GP 2020 is the best way to prevent the control of this endemic and epidemic disease. Hence, F1 teams and fans and everyone in the management should support this stance and encourage the authorities to make the decision that is suitable and safe for people in the future also.

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