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Kimi Raikkonen

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Alfa Romeo Racing


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Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo is a leading name in the racing car industry. They are best recognized by their outstanding performance in the early days of Formula 1. In many ways, their contribution to the Formula One racing resembles Pele’s successful footballing years. The Alfa Romeo logo is as old as the company itself. Alfa Romeo, the Italian cars manufacturer and constructor team, has worked for more than fifty years in Formula One and during this time they have built many powerful engines that helped drivers outperform themselves every year.

In recent years, they have formed partnerships with the likes of Scuderia Ferrari and Sauber F1 Team. They currently race under the name of Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen and are based in Hinwil, Zurich, Switzerland. In 2019, they finished the Championship at eighth position. For the 2020 season, the team is ready to conquer Formula One on their own with drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi. To learn the basics of Formula 1, you need to learn Alfa Romeo because they are one of the first five F1 World Championships winners.

Where it all began

Alfa Romeo worked in the races even before the Formula One was born. The engineers at Alfa Romeo had a knack for making really powerful car engines. 1950 is the year. Formula One’s fourth season is underway and Alfa Romeo is participating for the first time in the formula. They have got an engine that is at least ten years old. In modern day racing, that might practically be impossible to land a car onto the ramp with an engine that old. Since it was Alfa Romeo’s car with 1.5 Liter, eight-cylinder engine, the race was a massive success for Alfa Romeo. They won two consecutive Drivers Championships in 1950 and 1951. These two championships assured Alfa Romeo’s place in the high ranks of F1 history books.


The 1950 Formula One Championship consisted of many heavyweight constructors. Alfa Romeo was also up against one of the best in the business, Ferrari. The race car drivers to represent Alfa Romeo were Juan Manuel Fangio, Giuseppe Farina, Luigi Fagioli, Reg Parnell, Consalvo Sanesi and Piero Taruffi. The top three positions were all won by Alfa Romeo drivers. Giuseppe Farina won the championship while Juan Manuel Fangio and Luigi Fagioli came at second and third respectively. The year could not get any better for Alfa Romeo. They would continue their run for at least one more year before opting for a break from racing.


Much like the previous year, Alfa Romeo in 1951 showed the world once more what they were made of. They brought a few changes to the famous 158 engine and named it 159. The only difference was that their second placed driver from last year won the Drivers Championship this time. His name was Juan Manuel Fangio. There was an immediate scare inspired within the rest of the constructors that a team like Alfa Romeo might not let anyone else take over the Drivers Championship any time soon and rightfully so. Following 1951, Alfa Romeo withdrew from Formula 1 altogether. This came as a surprise to many but it was something that had to happen.

F1 Engine Manufacturer

The constructor Alfa Romeo from the early fifties brought a lot of new ideas to the F1 world. However, they had to step down from the F1 races. From what people seem to remember, their capability to win races with a rather aged engine made them quite a remarkable constructor. After their historic victories, Alfa Romeo delved into the department of engine manufacturing where they built many powerful engines for other teams that competed and often won races. The prominence of their engines made the F1 races more like a race where the drivers would have to learn how to drive better instead of just having powerful engines in their cars. They and many other engine manufacturers owe most of their success to the Alfa Romeo 158 which was way ahead of its time.


One of the most popular engines to this day, the Alfa Romeo 158, better known as the Alfetta, won about forty-seven Grands Prix out of a possible fifty-four. The engine’s specialty was its age. It was manufactured in 1937 and got Alfa Romeo two historic Drivers Championships.

The engine is still popular in some groups of F1 fanatics. Its existence meant Alfa Romeo would play a big role in the engine manufacturing side of Formula 1.

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